Online Maths Teacher (Secondary)

  • Who are we?

    Third Space Global (TSG) is a British owned BOI company offering 121 maths lessons to the primary and secondary school pupils in the UK via our own web technology. We are on our way to building the world's 1st teaching force by stepping into our newest venture which involves teaching secondary grade students upwards in the US Market too.

    We offer accelerated world class training programmes, enhancing your teaching techniques and giving you the exposure to the maths curriculum and how the US schools operate. TSG is a certified Great place to work 2019/20 and you will have the opportunity to work with our team in a professional environment and setting, giving you the right skills and foundation for an international career.

  • How does the job work?

    1. Teach secondary school students from grade 7 to 10 who are based in the UK.
    2. It's a one-to-one online sessions for 45 minutes.
    3. Complete work from home opportunity.
    4. You can choose the number of working hours (minimum 10 hours for a week).
  • Who are we looking for?

    The ideal candidate needs to ensure you fit the following criteria before you apply.

    1. Between 20-55 years old
    2. Working from home with a minimum commitment period of 6 months
    3. Commit to a minimum 10 hours per week
    4. A growth mindset, open to feedback and eager to invest in your own development.
  • What do we offer?

    Initial Online Training

    Flexibility to choose your working hours between 12PM-9PM /1PM- 10PM (daylight saving) during weekdays

    Hourly rates with added Incentives