Grow as
a Professional

At Third Space Global, we don’t just provide
you with a job. We facilitate your
professional growth and help you to
enhance your skills as
you grow within our team.

Gloria Gunawardana
Manager - Academic Operations

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Empowering YOU!

Our rigorous training is designed to both empower you and enable you to discover your true potential. As an Online Teacher at Third Space Global, your boundaries and potential are limitless.

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You will be trained to make your students feel welcome and ready to learn with just the power of your voice and a bit of encouragement and enthusiasm.

Expected Teaching Commitment

Time for a Term

Min. 5 sessions (1hr each)
Up to 35 sessions (1hr each)

per week

Working Hours


Choose your session
between 1pm and 10pm

Pay and Benefits

Earn up to Rs. 50,000
along with multiple bonuses


Helping students to grow

Highfield Primary
School, Trafford, UK

Danielle Lewis | School Leadership Team

“The personalised approach for children is fantastic, meeting individual needs and narrowing gaps. The children enjoy the lessons, make good progress and their skills are clearly transferred to class lessons.”

Getting Started is quick and easy!

Collecting the basic details to start the application process.
Online Test
Here are 2 tests based on the primary Maths concepts and English language (UK syllabus).
Teaching Interview 1
A 35 minutes interview with a member of our team to assess the language fluency, subject knowledge and ability to teach to a primary student. A preparation course will be sent prior to this stage.
Teaching Interview 2
This stage will further assess teaching skills along with the feedback given from teaching Interview 1. A course will be provided to help understand and achieve expectations.
On boarding
A briefing on the job role and life at TSG, followed by documents submission and signing the contract.
2 weeks of world class training programme that covers Global Tutoring Programme modules.
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