45 minutes but it will take up to 1 hour for preparation and closing tasks.
You should be skilled in Maths and English and pass our initial online test.
You should be minimum at the age of 17
No, it's only during weekdays (Mon to Fri)
We are a 24x7 operation working with schools in the US and the UK.
Yes, you can choose your own times, according to your flexibility.. However, it's a minimum 1 session for a day.
No. You will be working from home.
At the moment yes, it’s only for the UK primary schools. We are looking to expand, in the event we do, we will keep posted in our social media pages.
At the moment yes, it's the only primary maths syllabus. We are looking to expand. In the event we do, we will keep posted in our social media pages.
At the moment no, we have only Maths, we are looking to expand, in the event we do, we will keep posted in our social media pages.
You will be paid fortnightly (once in 2 weeks)
You will sign a contract until July and it will be renewed based on your preference and performance.
Apart from the basic payment, you have other benefits such as: - Termly performance bonus - Session milestone payments for number of sessions completed - Training allowance
Well no, you need to have either a laptop / desktop and a strong internet connection.
You will have to teach 1 pupil per session. It’s 1 to 1
As this is an audio call, this requires noise cancelling headphones along with good connectivity and a mute button.
We will provide you with the syllabus and the details on how to teach as well
We have our own platform and it is connected through audio
100 - 150 MB per session will be utilized
We will check at the stages of the recruitment process.
It’s a bit higher than the primary syllabus in the UK. It tests the basic concepts of maths and some comprehension and grammar for English.
We will send you a document to prepare once you pass the phone interview, and we will test your teaching skills at that stage. You need to prepare yourself to get better scores.
It’s a 3 weeks online training programme, where you will have to commit for a few hours in the evening to complete the independent modules assigned to you, also to do a few webinars and teaching demonstrations in our platform.
There is a possibility that your emails would have gone to the spam/other folder. Can you please check. You can write to [email protected]
A session starts with 425 rupees, however there is potential in terms of earning of which you control. To explain further, TSG has a maximum of 7 sessions a person can do during a day. The more the sessions you do you will earn more. It is up to you to decide on your earning capacity and your intention for carrying out this work.
All benefits are also aligned on the number of sessions you do and therefore the more sessions you commit and carryout your benefits and bonus also increase accordingly.
The work we do has very high standards in terms of tution delivery and our proposition to UK schools is one that is contracted. We ensure all our tutors are geared to take up tutoring with confidence by providing training, guidance and continued feedback etc. and therefore it is important that our tutor team is passionate about teaching and is willing to consider joining our team as a community as this is more than just a part time , flexi job.
We don't have an age cap, as long as you are able to pass through all the recruitment stages and journey and you are able to adapt to our teaching and learning techniques taught during the 3 weeks training programme there will not be any reason as to why you won't be able to join.