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What is Third Space Global?

Third Space Global is a British company and is approved under the Board Of Investment of Sri Lanka. It is the world’s first global and scalable teaching force using cutting-edge technology to provide online Math tutoring to primary students around the globe.

From centers in India and Sri Lanka, our teachers use web technology that have been developed to deliver online teaching to school children around the world. Before starting the career at Third Space Global, the teachers are provided with a world class training designed and delivered by our British team of education experts. They will also provide personalized ongoing support to help the teachers develop English communication skills and teaching expertise.

Our Mission

We seek social change by cultivating a global community of the most ambitious talent to make effective online teaching more accessible than ever before.

Our Values



No one is left behind.



Through dedication and hard work we accomplish.


Testing our boundaries and going beyond.



The driving force behind everything we do.



Bringing diverse and unique talent together.



We build meaningful relationships through openness and trust.

Life at Third Space Global

Life at Third Space Global is a little brighter, forward-focused and inviting. We’re a place where you can pursue your goals with unconditional support. We’re a family and a collaborative group of individual thinkers. Yet we stand united in illuminating a better tomorrow.

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